Just when you thought SAKURA AYCE sushi menu couldn’t get any better, we went ahead and outdid ourselves. All-you-can-eat sushi (as we all call it AYCE sushi), which launched earlier this year , expanded to seven days a week, where guests can enjoy unlimited sushi rolls and nigiri, plus sashimi, any day of the week for just $12.95/lunch & $19.95/dinner..
That’s not all, guests will also enjoy a variety of delectable small plates as part of the AYCE sushi menu, even for those without an affinity for sushi can appreciate items like gyoza (fried dumplings), shumai (shrimp dumpling)and harumaki (spring roll), edamame (steamed soybean), crispy calamari, shrimp tempura, hibachi or teriyaki, katsu (breaded chicken or pork), pan fried udon or yakisoba, seaweed salad, crabmeat salad, and miso or clear soup, which all are included in the AYCE, and everything are made to order.
Our AYCE has been a huge success,” as per Andy / owner. “guests love the high quality, fresh selection of sushi we offer – like superior cuts of fish like hamachi and tuna, flown in fresh each day. We are excited to be expanding our AYCE menu by offering a wider selection of small plate dishes.”
SAKURA do offers an impressive and wide selections of sake (japanese rice wine) ranging from sparkling, premium and exquisite variety of sake, and imported beers (echigo stout, Orion, lucky buddha) as well as domestic and draft beers (IPA, pilsner) handful selections of great red & white wines (by glass or bottle).
Inside the interior of SAKURA is kept simple yet sophisticated, so that guests can focus on their dining experience. mind blowing / breath taking is the lighted cherry blossom tree, which is the English translated name of the restaurant.

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